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Product Assurance Guarantee: For purchases completed on the NPK Marketplace, we guarantee that the product received will conform to the product specifications described on our website. We give you up to 72 hours from the time of delivery to report any problems. We will then work with the Seller to help you resolve the problem through a product replacement, refund, or other means. In addition, our Product Assurance Guarantee includes how we hold the customer payment in escrow and do not release it to the Seller until the conclusion of the 72-hour product inspection period. For more information on our product assurance policies, please refer to the terms and conditions.
3% Instant Discount: When you buy on the NPK Marketplace, you qualify for an instant 3% discount off of the published price. And, if you negotiate with a seller directly for a price that is lower than the price published on this site, then we will match that lower price, and also give you the additional 3% savings. To qualify for this 3% discount, you must complete the purchase on the NPK Marketplace platform, and enter code NPK3 during the purchase checkout. This is explained in detail below. Please note that this discount is not available if you are already redeeming a different coupon offer during the checkout, since only one coupon can be used per purchase.
To receive the 3% Instant Discount, enter the code NPK3 in the promotional coupon code box, and click on the "Apply" button, during checkout. This will automatically deduct three percent from the purchase price of the product and adjust the net price shown on the Price Summary panel of the checkout.
If you use the Request for Quote (RFQ) system to negotiate a price with the Seller, then you will receive the final price offer from the Seller on the RFQ form (Figure A). When you select the "Accept" button, and then click on the "Buy Now" button, you will be taken to the checkout cart  (Figure B), where your negotiated price will be shown as the purchase price. On this checkout panel, you will see the promotional coupon code input box, where you can enter the coupon code NPK3, and then click on the "Apply" button, to get the instant 3% discount off of the purchase price!
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